what are the most popular small dog breeds

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Most popular small dog breedsFrench bulldog. Bright,affectionate,and quiet French bulldogs have long been one of the most popular small dog breeds.Beagle. After they began arriving in America around the time of the Civil War,beagles became instantly popular and have remained among the most popular breeds ever since.Pembroke Welsh corgi. …Dachshund. …Yorkshire terrier. …More items…

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  • What are the smallest dog breeds?

  • Yorkshire Terriers are another popular small do breeds that are known for their wit and rich hairs. These little dogs usually grow around 8 to 9 inches tall and weight only 4 to 7 pounds. They are very small even among the small dog breeds.

  • What are the best small dogs to keep as pets?

  • Here are 10 of the best small dogs to keep as pets. In general, dogs that weigh around 20 pounds or less are considered small. Some small breeds are very compact and low to the ground, while others can be relatively tall and lanky. Not all small dog breeds love being lap dogs, and many have more energy than some of their large canine counterparts.

  • What are the most popular dog breeds?

  • Dachshund Jessica Shaver Photography / Getty Images Another highly popular dog breed, the Dachshund is a little hound beloved by many. The Dachshund has many nicknames: doxie, wiener dog, sausage dog, hotdog, etc. Of course, they mostly relate to the breeds distinct appearance.

  • What is the best dog breed for senior citizens?

  • Yorkshire Terriers are small companion dogs who make excellent family pets. They are a popular choice of dog breed for senior citizens due to their loyalty, easy-going natures and small size. Also known as Yorkies, they are the sixth most popular dog breed worldwide. 17. Bedlington Terrier

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