what breeds are the paw patrol dogs

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PAWPatrolDogNames Chase: the police dog German shepherd Marshall: the fire dog Dalmatian Skye: a high-flying cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix) Zuma: the water-loving chocolate Lab Tracker: a brown-and-white Chihuahua who鈥檚 bilingual in Spanish and English Rocky: a grey-and-white mixed breed pup

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  • What kind of dogs are the members of PAW Patrol?

  • Original Members Ryder Ryder: A ten-year-old human boy who is the leader of the PAW Patrol. Marshall Marshall: The clumsy, but big-hearted Dalmatian who serves as the team’s firedog and medic. Rubble Rubble: The gruff-looking, but sweet and athletic English Bulldog with the skills of a construction pup.

  • What kind of dog is Chase from PAW Patrol?

  • Chase: The mature and serious German Shepherd with the skills of a police dog, traffic cop, and super spy. He drives a blue police cruiser that transforms into a super spy vehicle. His main call-outs are These paws uphold the laws! and Chase is on the case! He is the second in command of the PAW Patrol.

  • Is there a PAW Patrol cat version of the PAW Patrol?

  • She belongs to the princess of Barkingburg the cat versions of the PAW Patrol, these kitties work for neighboring Mayor Humdinger. Also, check our list of Disney-inspired dog names for more ideas.

  • What kind of dog is robo dog on PAW Patrol?

  • and This cap’n can do! Robo-Dog: A fast and robotic pup who was built by Ryder. He has the duty of driving the PAW Patrol’s multi-member vehicles: the PAW Patroller, the Air Patroller, the Mission PAW Cruiser and the Sea Patroller.

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