what breeds does embark test for

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Embark compares your dog鈥檚 DNA to 350+breeds including,street dogs, wolves, coyotes, and dingos. Embark uses custom canine microarrays developed by leading dog geneticists and professors at Cornell University.

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  • What is embark dog DNA test breed identification kit?

  • This Embark dog DNA test breed identification kit is mainly used for this purpose, as user testimonials reveal. Moreover, it鈥檚 also used as a breeding tool since it can help breeders choose the best dogs for mating. The genetic studies for the history of dogs have shown that over 400 dog breeds are descendants of the majestic gray wolf.

  • Does embark offer variant tests for my breed?

  • Embark also has a strict quality control process, and we validate each test against samples from known carrier and at-risk (hetero and homozygous) dogs. If there is a published variant test for your breed that is currently not offered by Embark, please contact us.

  • What is embark鈥檚 Breed + health kit?

  • According to Embark, a higher number could be an indication of future or current health problems. When it comes to what鈥檚 inside the Breed + Health Kit, it contains the same items as their other set. This includes the swab, a record of instructions, and a return envelope. How Much is Embark? For the Breed ID Kit, it costs $129 in total.

  • How many dog breeds does embark screen for?

  • More specifically, Embark will screen for over 350 breeds. The brand offers an entire list of canine varieties on their website, with each type containing more information such as background history and a list of key facts. The Breed ID Kit will also dig up more information pertaining to your pet鈥檚 lineage from over 3 generations ago.

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