what breeds make a beauceron

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The Beauceron is a dog breed that is known to be athletic and powerful. The Beauceron German Shepherd Dog Mix,is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding theBeauceron and the German Shepherd Dog. Some Renaissance manuscripts show that the origin of this breed dates back to 1578.

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  • What kind of dog is a Beauceron?

  • The Beauceron is a large sheepdog with a commanding presence. They get their name from the La Beauce region surrounding Paris, France. This breed is also known as berger de Beauce (shepherd of Beauce) and bas rouge (red stockings).

  • What kind of temperament does a Beauceron have?

  • By temperament, the Beauceron is watchful, loyal, energetic, and protective without aggression. An intelligent dog, the Beauceron is often described by owners as an independent thinking dog. It is highly trainable and can put its energy to good use in dog sports and obedience competition. Courageous but cautious,…

  • What is a Beauceron used for?

  • The Beauceron has long served farms in France herding sheep and cattle. During the world wars, Beaucerons were used by the French army, especially as messengers due to their ability to follow commands. They also were used in mine detection and tracking. This breed continues to be used as police dogs and in search and rescue.

  • What color is a Beauceron coat?

  • Coloring of the coat is black and tan, or a blue merle. The beauceron is sometimes known as the bas rouge in his homeland. The name comes from the breeds red stockings on the lower portion of the leg. The beauceron is loyal and protective, making a good watchdog and guard dog that is protective of his people and property.

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