what breeds make a doberman pinscher

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  • Is a Doberman Pinscher a large breed of dog?

  • The Doberman Pinscher has many physical traits that make them both an elegant and very physically capable breed. While many consider this to be a large breed of dog, they鈥檙e technically classified as a medium-sized dog. They display a toned muscular physique and a proud gait.

  • Is there such a thing as a standard Doberman?

  • The majority of Dobermans are of this color and there isn鈥檛 a 鈥渢ypical鈥?temperament for dogs of this color. Due to their black coat, they can have issues with heat in the direct sun, although most dogs of this breed do not do well in extreme temperatures. Breed Standard Color: Yes, for both the American and European varieties.

  • What breed of dog did Doberman use to make his guard dog?

  • The exact combination of breeds that Dobermann used to create his famous guard dog is not known, but there are some educated guesses. The old German Shepherd, an influence in so many European breeds of the period, offered intelligence, biddability, and stamina.

  • What kind of dog is a German Pinscher?

  • The German Pinscher 鈥?the latter word means 鈥渢errier鈥?in German 鈥?likely added pluck and speed. And that all-around favorite hunting breed, the Weimaraner, may have provided the scenting ability that is so crucial in a working dog.

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