what breeds make a shorty bull

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Shorty bulls were created by mixing 5 different types of bull dog breed, some of which were theFrench Bulldogs and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Shorty Bulls can be American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) registered and are found at the majority of the American Bully Shows. Posted in Dogs General Information

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  • What breed is a Shorty Bull Dog?

  • Shorty Bulls are a new form of the French bulldog breed. These dogs are produced by mixing five different types of dog breeds: American pit bull terrier and French bulldogs. When talking about shorty bull v/s French bulldog, shorty bulls are different in terms of height.

  • How big do Shorty Bulls get?

  • The shorty bulls are not more than 15 inches in height at the wither. The most preferred height for male shorty bull is 14 inches. Female shorty bulls are slightly smaller than the male bulls but only limited to 13 inches. This dog breed鈥檚 height is the impression of the dog being short, as indicated by its name.

  • What kind of personality does a Shorty Bull have?

  • Even-tempered, playful, loyal, and agile, the Shorty Bull is a breed known for its cuteness 鈥?in personality as well as appearance. This breed is normally good-natured and not aggressive, and makes an exceptional family pet; as is its breeding, a Shorty usually has a strong work ethic, and tends to be focused and alert.

  • Are Shorty Bull Terriers good with other dogs?

  • Shorty Bulls are typically good-natured, fun-loving, active dogs with a strong work ethic. These dogs are affectionate with kids and friendly toward other pets (though they may chase cats due to a high prey drive). Overall this breed makes a furry, lovable family companion.

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