what breeds make a tuxedo cat

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A tuxedo cat can be any breed of cat with black and white markings that resemble a tuxedo (the suit). Their chests are often white, with white feet and a black back and legs. With that said, tuxedo cats are most commonly found among theMaine Coon, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, and Turkish Angora breeds.

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  • What kind of cat is a tuxedo?

  • Tuxedo isn鈥檛 exactly a cat breed. It鈥檚 a color pattern that occurs in several breeds (more on this in a minute), similar to what happens in tortoiseshell cats or calicos. Tuxedo markings comprise white and black patches, where the white patches occur on the paws, belly, chest, and throat.

  • What famous people have tuxedo cats?

  • A tuxedo cat named Tuxedo Stan vied for a mayoral position in 2012 in Halifax, Canada. Sir Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, and Beethoven also owned Tuxedo cats. A Tuxedo cat named Simon is a revered war hero remembered for protecting the British Royal Navy鈥檚 food when they were fighting the Chinese Civil War.

  • Are tuxedo cats smarter than other cats?

  • Tuxedo cats aren鈥檛 a distinct breed, so we can鈥檛 say for sure that they are more intelligent than other cats. That being said, they have been known to develop more quickly than other cats and some say they are up to 200% smarter than other cats! How big do tuxedo cats grow?

  • Can a black and white cat have tuxedo markings?

  • Some non-black and white cats have tuxedo markings, but the term describes black and white cats specifically. Since tuxedo is a color pattern and not a cat breed, these cats can be short or long-haired, mixed-breed or purebred.

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