what breeds make good service dogs

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Labrador retrievers

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  • Do Golden Retrievers make good service dogs?

  • Both golden and Labrador retrievers make great service dogs. In fact, retrievers are the most common breeds trained for service work, with Labs slightly outnumbering golden retrievers. People love how friendly and loving these dogs are and how well they get along with people and other animals.

  • What kind of dog do you use as a service dog?

  • My current service dog is a havanese, named Harley! She assists me in helping detect oncoming seizures as well as helping me through a panic attack. She is almost ready to retire within the next year, so I am getting ready to train another dog for service dog work. I will definitely consider some of these breeds as this was very helpful thank you!

  • What are the best breeds for mobility service?

  • Labrador Retrievers are one of the best breeds for mobility service. They鈥檙e gentle and can also be quite strong. Friendly yet focused, they want to help you out in any way that they can. They鈥檙e highly intelligent, and they make versatile helpers. Labs make excellent guide dogs, hearing dogs, and emotional support dogs.

  • What are the best service dog breeds for PTSD?

  • Gold retrievers are also one of the best service dog breeds for PTSD, and are often the go-to dog for veterans dealing with this condition. One thing to keep in mind is that Golden Retrievers do shed a fair amount, so if you have allergies you may want to consider another furry friend for the job. 2. Pomeranian

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