what breeds make up a german shorthaired pointer

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The German shorthaired pointer (GSP) is a medium-sized gun dog breed that was developed in Germany. The breed carries mixed genes ofGerman bird dogs,native German scent hounds,English pointers,and Spanish pointers. The mixed breeding made the German shorthaired pointers an all-purpose dog breed that is pointers and retrievers.

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  • How did the German Shorthaired Pointer get its name?

  • The now non-existent German Bird Dog, the bloodhound, and perhaps English and Spanish pointing dogs cross-bred to progressively create what would become known as simply the 鈥渟horthair鈥?breed of hunting dog. By 1870, a studbook was established for the breed. Outside of Bavaria, the breed became known as the German shorthaired pointer.

  • Are German Shorthaired Pointers good family dogs?

  • A GSP makes a great family dog, but be prepared for shedding and shenanigans. The first German Shorthaired Pointers were bred in Germany in the late 1800s, by breeders who wanted an all-round hunting dog that was also a friendly companion.

  • What breeds make up the English Pointer?

  • That breed itself is related to the Old Spanish Pointer and Hannover Hound, who were cross bred in the 1600鈥檚. It is also likely that various German hounds and tracking dogs, as well as the English Pointer and the Arkwright Pointer also contributed to the development of the breed.

  • What kind of dog is a German Shepherd that points?

  • Dogs that pointed were known to have existed in Europe as far back as the 13th century. According to the American Kennel Club, it鈥檚 likely that the GSP is descended from a breed known as the German Bird Dog.

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