what breeds make up a german shorthaired pointer

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The German Shorthaired Pointer was derived from the German Bird Dog and several German Bloodhounds and perhaps even Spanish or English Pointers. The breeds used excelled asgun dogs, water dogs, track and trail dogs, and scent hounds, each varying widely in their appearance.

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  • Is a German Shorthair pointer a good family dog?

  • The German Shorthair Pointer is a versatile sporting dog breed that fares amazingly well as a game-hunting dog, but also as a homey family dog. German Shorthaired Pointer is one of the most recognizable breeds.

  • When did the German Shorthaired Pointer come to the US?

  • The GSP breed was first imported to the UK in the early 1920鈥檚 and then brought to the United States in the mid 1920鈥檚. The breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930. The first AKC German Shorthaired Pointer Show was held in 1941, and the first GSP Field Trial was held just three years later in 1944.

  • What breeds make up the English Pointer?

  • That breed itself is related to the Old Spanish Pointer and Hannover Hound, who were cross bred in the 1600鈥檚. It is also likely that various German hounds and tracking dogs, as well as the English Pointer and the Arkwright Pointer also contributed to the development of the breed.

  • What kind of dog is a German Shepherd that points?

  • Dogs that pointed were known to have existed in Europe as far back as the 13th century. According to the American Kennel Club, it鈥檚 likely that the GSP is descended from a breed known as the German Bird Dog.

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