what breeds of cats like water

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Maine Coon

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  • What breed of cat loves water the most?

  • 9 cat breeds that love water 1 Turkish Van 2 Turkish Angora 3 Maine Coon 4 Bengal 5 American Bobtail 6 Japanese Bobtail 7 Norwegian Forest cat 8 Abyssinian 9 Manx

  • What kind of cat can swim?

  • Cats that swim: Turkish Van cats. Apart from being beautiful, a Turkish van is also known for being a cat breed that loves water. This breed of cat likes to bathe, play with water and swim in pools, rivers or lakes.

  • Do cats like water?

  • Even if you have a cat breed that鈥檚 supposed to like water, a bad experience will ruin everything. If this is the case with your cat, try to respect its boundaries as much as possible.

  • Do mixed-breed cats like water?

  • Many cats learnt to adapt to water, despite it not being an inherent characteristic in its breed. It鈥檚 also important to know that mixed-breed cats can also like water, especially if they have received proper cat education.

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