what breeds of chickens get along with each other

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  • What breeds of chickens can be kept together?

  • Everything from a teeny tiny (spunky) banty, to white leghorns, to rhode island reds, turkens, brahmas and cochins. The ones that you should worry about sticking together are ones that are seriously different, like polish or silkies. They may get picked on. Normal breeds should be fine together, in my opinion.

  • Do different breeds get along with each other in flocks?

  • Especially if you have more birds and the various breeds make up little sub-flocks within the larger flock. I think they actually get along better in the small flocks with just a few birds, one of each.

  • Are there any good chicken breeds to have?

  • There are so many awesome chicken breeds to choose from that we are quite spoilt for choice. There are breeds that lay wonderful organic eggs, those that make great table birds and those that make exceptionally good pets. The more enthusiastic we get about raising chickens the more breeds we want to have.

  • Why do chickens cross-breed?

  • More often, cross-breeding plays a critical role in making heritage breed more productive in terms of laying eggs and meat production. The heritage breed is usually crossed with a prolific chicken breed like the leghorn to improve egg production in a mixed flock. Are Mixed Chickens Good Layers?

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