what breeds of dogs are prone to seizures

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Some dogs are more genetically prone to seizures than others. Breeds more prone to developing genetic seizure disorders includeBelgian Tervurens, Irish wolfhounds, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, Bernese mountain dogs and English springer spaniels.

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  • What breed of dog has the most seizures?

  • Dog Breeds Most Prone to Seizures. 1 1. Shetland Sheepdog 鈥淪heltie鈥? Known for being extremely intelligent, obedient, and efficient at herding animals, the Sheltie is highly bright and … 2 2. Saint Bernard. 3 3. Poodle. 4 4. Beagle. 5 5. Golden Retriever. More items

  • Which breeds are prone to epilepsy?

  • Breeds prone to inherited epilepsy include German shepherds, beagles, Belgian Tervurens, dachshunds and keeshonds.

  • Can dogs have epilepsy?

  • If your pup is one of the breeds on the list, it doesn’t mean he’ll develop epilepsy. As well, just because he’s not one of the vulnerable breeds doesn’t mean he won’t experience seizures. Mixed breed dogs also can have epilepsy. If your dog experiences seizures, he’ll likely fall on his side and become stiff.

  • Why does my dog keep having seizures?

  • Hereditary Epilepsy. The mutated gene causes certain cells to be more excitable and able to cross the seizure threshold causing seizures, which is speculated to be the root of hereditary epilepsy. Canine Epilepsy Network reports a few breeds have proven hereditary epilepsy and it’s suspected to occur in numerous other breeds.

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