what chicken breeds get along best

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  • Which chickens get along best with other chickens?

  • Silkies are known for being very friendly and getting along well with other breeds of chickens. Silkies are perfect for beginners or those wishing to have chickens as pets. The only real downside is that they lay few eggs, and because they鈥檙e a bantam breed, their eggs are small. 10. Cochin

  • Are there any friendly pet chicken breeds?

  • There are plenty of friendly pet chicken breeds out there for you to consider as you build a docile, fun-loving flock of backyard chickens. What Makes a Chicken Breed A Good Pet?

  • What is the best breed of chicken for a beginner?

  • The Star is another hybrid breed, and both Red Stars and Black Stars are considered good pet chickens for keeping at home. Star breeds can be sexed when hatching, which makes life much easier, they lay about 250 eggs a year, and are a calm breed that is good for beginners.

  • What is the friendliest chicken to raise?

  • The Cochin chicken is not only one of the largest chicken breeds, but it鈥檚 also one of the friendliest chicken breeds you can raise, too. This fluffy, mellow bird is also quite cuddly. It enjoys lap time and is very easy to tame and to handle.

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