what dog breeds are best for apartments

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Best Dogs for ApartmentsAffenpinscher. The Affenpinscher: loyal,curious,and famously amusing; this almost-human toy dog is fearless ou鈥?#32;The American Eskimo Dog combines striking good looks with a quick and clever mind in …Australian Terrier. The diminutive Australian Terrier is plucky,spirited,and smart鈥攈ow did they fit so much dog鈥?#32;An archetypic water dog of France,the Barbet is a rustic breed of …Basset Fauve de Bretagne. Smart,courageous and determined,the Basset Fauve de Bretagne is a serious hunter,easily鈥?#32;Among the most appealing of the AKC breeds,the endearing and instantly …Bichon Frise. The small but sturdy and resilient Bichon Frise stands among the world鈥檚 great 鈥減ersonality鈥?#32;The Biewer Terrier is an elegant,longhaired,tri-colored toy terrier whose only purpose in …

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  • What kind of dog makes the best apartment or condo?

  • Dogs that make the best apartment or condo dwellers are breeds that are generally quiet and have low to medium energy. Smaller dogs tend to fit better in these homes, although some toy breeds tend to be yippy breeds and are too noisy for homes that have close neighbors. Here are 15 of the best dogs for apartments or condominiums.

  • Are Border Terriers good apartment dogs?

  • As a small dog breed, they make good apartment dogs and get along with additional animals and people. The BF gets sensitive when left alone, so only consider this breed if you have time for daily walks, indoor games and family activities.

  • Are Greyhounds good for small apartments?

  • Greyhounds, despite their long legs, are one of the best medium-sized dog breeds for small apartments. While they do fit well within a small apartment, they are a very high energy dog breed that love walks and will require at least one a day long walk to keep them happy and content.

  • Are Basset Hounds good for apartments?

  • No matter your household type 鈥?small or large, the Basset is a good apartment dog if none of your troops have allergies. Friendly and active, take them for an hour walk daily with some extra games in the mix. Their small size makes them some of the best dog breeds for apartments.

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