what dog breeds are good for first time owners

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Best Dog Breeds for First Time OwnersShih Tzus. Shih Tzus are spunky and oh-so-cute. Their coat takes a bit more work than pugs,but they鈥檙e surprisingly athletic.Pugs. Pugs are consistently friendly,happy-go-lucky dogs with an adorable face. …Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are cheerful little dogs. They have a slightly less shortened noses than pugs,but still may suffer from similar health concerns.Whippet. Despite being bred for racing,sighthounds are notorious couch potatoes. They鈥檙e not very trustworthy off leash,but they鈥檙e excellent loving companions for apartment living.Greyhound. Like the Whippet,Greyhounds are originally racing dogs. They鈥檙e bred to run in short spurts after fast-retreating objects,so they鈥檙e not great for small animals or off-leash work.

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  • What are the top 10 most popular dog breeds?

  • 1 Bichon Frise. 2 Boxer. 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 4 Golden Retriever. 5 Labrador Retriever. 6 Mixed Breed Dogs. 7 Papillon. 8 Pomeranian. 9 Poodle. 10 Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Are Poodles good for first-time owners?

  • Poodles are a popular dog breed for first-time owners due to their affectionate and playful personalities. These dogs are particularly good with both children and senior citizens, as they demonstrate their happiness by cuddling rather than jumping around most of the time. Plus, poodles are intelligent and crave mental stimulation.

  • Is a Yorkie a good first dog?

  • The Yorkshire terrier is a great starter dog for those who want a little lap dog. This breed is affectionate towards its owner and may even act protective around strangers. The Yorkie has a moderate energy level and only needs basic exercise. Daily walks are great for this breed.

  • How to choose the right breed of dog for You?

  • When you bring home your adopted bundle of furry joy you want to make sure that life is as easy as it can be for both of you as you adjust to your new life together. For your first go as a pet parent, look for a breed that鈥檚 low-maintenance with a laid-back and eager to please nature to make training a cinch rather than a struggle.

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