what dog breeds are lactose intolerant

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  • Can dogs be lactose intolerant?

  • Dogs can suffer from lactose intolerance just like people can, and as is the case for people, how badly they suffer from it and how bad the symptoms it causes are can vary from dog to dog. One dog might be able to eat a lot of dairy products with no problems, and another might get an upset stomach from just a small quantity of milk or cheese.

  • What percentage of lactose is in a dog’s milk?

  • The lactose concentrations in a female dog鈥檚 milk run about 3%, where cow鈥檚 milk contains 5%, so even unweaned puppies may not produce enough lactase to digest cow’s milk properly, and may show signs of lactose intolerance, though they would be reduced in intensity. Butter – The lactose content of butter is extremely low, around .8% to 1%.

  • Can dogs be allergic to dairy food?

  • As you can see, dogs can suffer from lactose intolerance or even dairy allergies after eating dairy food. If your pup suffers from lactose intolerance, be sure to read food labels and choose those dairy products that have lower amounts of lactose.

  • Can dogs with lactose intolerance eat canned tuna?

  • Lactose intolerance in dogs is manageable by avoiding dairy products. Your vet will recommend that you eliminate all lactose from your dog鈥檚 diet, including milk, cheese, and cream. If your dog鈥檚 lactose intolerance is severe, even foods like canned tuna may be off the menu.

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