what dog breeds don t need much exercise

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  • What kind of dog does not require a lot of exercise?

  • Old English Sheepdog Whether you live in an apartment, you can鈥檛 spend a lot of time exercising due to disability, or you simply have a very busy lifestyle that doesn鈥檛 leave much time, there are many reasons for wanting a dog that doesn鈥檛 require a ton of exercise.

  • Does my dog need exercise?

  • It鈥檚 not to say that your dog doesn鈥檛 need exercise, just that your dog won鈥檛 want or need as much as other breeds. It can鈥檛 just sit around all the time, however.

  • Are all dogs exercise Queens?

  • But not all dogs are the exercise queens we like to think they are. Some dogs are a little less high-maintenance and not so needy in the exercise department. If you鈥檙e looking to own a dog that doesn鈥檛 require too much work in terms of exercise, we have some suggestions for you. These breeds require just a bit less exercise than others.

  • Are there any dogs that are low energy?

  • Old English Sheepdog. Finally, the Old English Sheepdog is another dog that you may not have guessed was low energy. These dogs are gentle, protective, and very companionable. While they will be happy to go outside with you and amble around, they don鈥檛 tend to necessarily need consistent exercise.

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