what dog breeds have back dew claws

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  • What breed of dog has the most dew claws?

  • The Norwegian Lundehund. The Norwegian Lundehund is pretty much top dog when it comes to dewclaws, and toes in general 鈥?most dogs of the breed have at least six toes per foot, including their double pairs of hind limb dewclaws.

  • What is the difference between front and rear dewclaws in dogs?

  • The front Dewclaws consists of fully formed fifth toes with bone. In contrast, the rear dewclaws appear in various forms and most times come with an absence of bone. See also Nail Like Growth On Dog Tail Foot Pads (Cutaneous Horns?) the end. There are breeds which have 1 or 2 rear dewclaws: they also appear as something

  • Why does my dog have dewclaws on his hind legs?

  • If your dog has dewclaws on their hind legs, the chances are they belong to one of the breeds that are known for this trait 鈥?and the same is true for double hind dewclaws, which again, is more or less unique to certain breeds.

  • Do dogs with double dewclaws need to be trimmed?

  • Some dogs have double dewclaws鈥攖wo claws that grow in the same spot. Double dewclaws don鈥檛 usually pose a problem to dogs. Unless there is a serious problem, all you need to do is check the dewclaws regularly and trim them whenever necessary.

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