what dog breeds have piloerection

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German Shepherds

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  • What kind of dog has a big head and jowls?

  • The Bernard has a huge, wide head that blends right into a thick neck, and its jowls only slightly overhang. Toy breeds, which can weigh less than 10 pounds, include Chihuahuas, poodles and Yorkshire terriers. Look at the dog’s legs.

  • What kind of dog has prick ears?

  • Dogs with basic prick ears that stand up in a triangle shape are often influenced by breeds such as German shepherds, husky, or other Nordic breeds. If tips are blunt, rounded, hooded, or shaped like candle flames, these traits could be inherited from breeds such as French bulldogs, corgis, Basenjis or English toy terriers.

  • What is the best breed of dog with black spots?

  • English Setter This is one of the best dog breeds with spots for any family. They鈥檙e a hunting breed with a medium to long coat length that is normally white with brown or black spots. English Setters are also big shedders, so grooming and brushing are essential if you want to keep your furniture and clothes fuzz-free.

  • What are the top 20 most popular breed of dogs?

  • Siberian Husky 4. Doberman Pinscher 5. Dachshunds 6. Rottweiler 7. Jack Russell Terrier 8. Akita 9. Chihuahua 10. Chow Chow 11. Dalmatian 12. Shar Pei 13. Cane Corso 14. Dogo Argentino 15. Boxer 16. Rhodesian Ridgeback 17. Pomeranian 18. Saint Bernard 19. Bullmastiff

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