what is a breeder fish tank

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40 gallon fish tank

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  • What is a breeder tank?

  • Unlike other 40 gallon tanks that have a more rectangular base, breeder tanks have a bottom that鈥檚 more square. It鈥檚 designed for breeders to easily access their fish due to the lower profile.

  • How big is a 40 breeder fish tank?

  • Dimensions of a 40 Breeder compared to other 40 gallon tanks Whenever someone is talking about a 40 Breeder, they鈥檙e talking about a tank that鈥檚 about 16鈥?tall and not that wide. The exact measurements can vary based on what manufacturer you鈥檙e looking at. As you can see on the image below, the 40 Long and 40 Breeder are equally tall.

  • How do you use a breeder box in a fish tank?

  • Place the breeder box in the fish tank and secure it to the side of the aquarium wall. (The loose end of the airline tubing without the air stone should hang outside of the tank.) Position the top of the breeder box slightly above the water line.

  • What kind of fish can be kept in a breeder tank?

  • The good news here is that almost any popular type of aquarium fish you can find at a local fish store can be kept in the breeding tank. I would feel safe having a couple of fish up to 10鈥?long each in the breeder tank.

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