what is breeding kink mean

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Impregnation-based fantasy

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  • What is breeding kink and why is it so popular?

  • One of the subjects gaining traction is 鈥?breeding kink , with more than 5.1 million views of videos with the associated hashtag. Breeding kink is an impregnation-based fantasy where people indulge in the thrill of risky, potentially procreative sex.

  • What is a pregnancy kink?

  • While breeding is the attraction to the possibility of pregnancy, an actual pregnancy kink involves being attracted to someone who is already pregnant. So, one is focused on the act of impregnation, and the other on the person who is expecting a child. Just like many other kinks, breeding can also be traced back to the Bible.

  • Is breeding just a fetish?

  • The focused eroticism of the act of insemination is the central theme for breeding enthusiasts, but this doesn鈥檛 mean that breeding is only a fetish for people who have sex in ways that might result in pregnancy.

  • What is breeding?

  • But for practitioners, breeding addresses ideas of ownership and autonomy in a way that is playful, hot, and sometimes even a relief. So what exactly is breeding? Kinksters have different definitions of the act.

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