what is captive breeding and what is its importance

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Captive breedingsaves animals from extinction, disease, and other threats. Captive breeding provides better living conditions for animals. Places like zoos and public aquariums educate people about the conservation and protection of the species.

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  • What does captive breeding program mean?

  • captive-breeding program. Noun. plans, research, and work done by an organization, such as a zoo, to control reproduction of rare species in that organization’s facilities (not in the wild).

  • What percentage of animals are endangered by captive breeding?

  • Captive breeding is the only choice for species that are extinct or nearly extinct in the wild. Nearly one-fourth of mammal species, 11% of bird species, and 25% of reptiles are threatened with extinction, according to the 1996 IUCN (World Conservation Union) List of Threatened Animals.

  • Should captive breeding and reintroduction be part of a larger conservation program?

  • A captive breeding and reintroduction program should always be part of a larger conservation program for a species that also addresses the problems facing the species in the wild. Captive breeding and reintroduction programs require sustained long-term, adequately funded efforts and success is far from guaranteed. II.

  • Why do we breed animals in zoos?

  • The practice is known as captive breeding, and it can play a key role in preventing species from going extinct. 鈥淯ltimately, why we do it is to get them to grow bigger in a safe, protected environment so that when we release them they’re at a bigger size,鈥?says Katherine Wright, coordinator of the Toronto Zoo鈥檚 Adopt-a-Pond program.

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