what is clonal selection in plant breeding

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Clonal selection is theselection of the most desirable members of a clone for continued vegetative propagationrather than for sexual reproduction. The members of a clone keep up genetic constancy. So by clonal selection and continued vegetative propagation, the desirable qualities of plants can be maintained for long.

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  • What is meant by clonal selection?

  • The procedure of selection used for asexually propagated crops is known as clonal selection, since the selected plants are used to produce new clones. Or Improvement of asexually propagated crop y selecting superior clones is known as clonal selection.

  • What is selective breeding of plants about?

  • Basically, if someone were to alter your genome, they could eliminate all your undesirable traits and keep only the beneficial ones. And that鈥檚 exactly what selective breeding of plants is about. Only, this practice existed for thousands of years, way before anyone knew about genetics. How is that possible, you may ask?

  • How is the number of clones selected in a cell culture?

  • The number of clones is crastically reduced, and inferior clones are eliminated. The selection is based on visual observation. Finally, fifty to one hundred clones may be selected on the basis of clonal characteristics. 3. Third Year: A replicated preliminary yield trial is conducted by using suitable check for comparison.

  • What determines the phenotypic value of a plant or clone?

  • The phenotypic value of a plant or clone is due to the effects of its genotype (G) , the environment (E) and the genotype X environment ( G X E) interaction of these only the genotypic ( G) effects are heritable and therefore stable. The environment and interaction effects are non- heritable and cannot be selected for.

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