what is coi in dog breeding

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Coefficient of Inbreeding

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  • What is a good COI for a puppy?

  • So, in terms of health, a COI less than 5% is definitely best. Above that, there are detrimental effects and risks, and the breeder needs to weigh these against whatever benefit is expected to gained.

  • What is COI in a pedigree formula?

  • In the formula, F X is your dog鈥檚 COI, F A is that of the ancestor common to both sides of the pedigree. n 1 and n 2 are the numbers of generations on each side between your dog and that ancestor.

  • Should I be concerned about my dog’s COI?

  • While a low COI does not guarantee a healthy puppy, a high COI should definitely be a cause for concern. Why bother to check a dog鈥檚 COI? As well as limiting further genetic problems, having a low COI may show that the breeder has tried to follow good breeding practice and limit inbreeding.

  • Why do breeders use COI calculators?

  • This average is shown to you each time you use our CoI calculators. If a breeder DNA tests their dogs, they are taking steps to avoid a known risk. By using CoI calculators when selecting potential mates, they are reducing the risk of unknown conditions.

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