what is coi in dog breeding

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Coefficient of Inbreeding

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  • What does COI mean on a dog pedigree?

  • Revised March, 2008. COI is the calculation of the level of inbreeding in a dog or litter. High COI percentages increase the probability that genetic defects will be carried from common ancestors on both sides of the pedigree and will match up to cause the actual genetic disease or defect in the animal.

  • What does COI stand for?

  • Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) Calculation by Celeste Pongracz revised 2008 COI is the calculation of the level of inbreeding in a dog or litter Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) Calculation

  • What is genetic COI and how does it work?

  • Unlike pedigree based COI calculations, genetic COI evaluates the actual pieces of DNA in your dog to identify which proportion traces back to inbreeding.

  • Should I be concerned about my dog’s COI?

  • While a low COI does not guarantee a healthy puppy, a high COI should definitely be a cause for concern. Why bother to check a dog鈥檚 COI? As well as limiting further genetic problems, having a low COI may show that the breeder has tried to follow good breeding practice and limit inbreeding.

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