what is familiarity breeds contempt

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  • What does the phrase 鈥渇amiliarity breeds contempt鈥?mean?

  • The phrase 鈥渇amiliarity breeds contempt鈥?means when you have a lot of knowledge about a subject you tend to lose respect for that subject. This could even be a person instead of a thing that you have a close association with.

  • Does familiarity breed liking?

  • A body of research actually suggests that familiarity breeds liking, but clearly sometimes it does the opposite. So when does getting to know more about a person make us like them more and when does it make us like them less?

  • What unsettles you about familiarity?

  • What unsettles us is the contempt that familiarity breeds. We grow up like Jesus did and people think, Because you’ve never stirred the pot, you’re not going to. You’re not going to threaten things that are important to me.

  • Does familiarity breed contempt between jets and Patriots?

  • Familiarity breeds contempt, and the Jets and Patriots 鈥?who have battled one another since 1960鈥?are no exception. 鈥?New York Daily News This excerpt is about the public perception of politicians.

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