what is genomic selection in plant breeding

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Genomic selection (GS) is amethod to predict the genetic value of selection candidatesbased on the genomic estimated breeding value (GEBV) predicted from high-density markers positioned throughout the genome. Unlike marker-assisted selection, the GEBV is based on all markers including both minor and major marker effects.

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  • What is the basis of genetic selection in plant breeding?

  • Hence, Genomic selection depends on the degree of genetic similarity between training population and breeding population within the Linkage disequilibrium between marker and trait loci. Breeding values have not been a preferred index in plant breeding, however it is in animal breeding.

  • What is genomic selection and why is it important?

  • Genomic selection has a clear-cut advantage over pedigree breeding and MAS to enhance genetic gains for complex traits. The appropriate use of genotyping platforms combined with precise phenotyping platforms will also help enhance prediction accuracy and accelerate genetic gains by shortening the breeding cycle.

  • Who are the authors of genomic selection in plant breeding?

  • Genomic Selection in Plant Breeding: Methods, Models, and Perspectives Jos 4 Crossa,1,* Paulino Prez-Rodrguez,2Jaime Cuevas,3 Osval 6 Montesinos-Lpez, Diego Jarqun,5 Gustavo 2 de los Campos, Juan Burgueo,1 Juan 1 M. Gonzlez-Camacho, Sergio Prez-Elizalde,2 Yoseph 1 Beyene, Susanne Dreisigacker,1Ravi Singh, Xuecai 8

  • Can genomic selection reduce the breeding interval cycle?

  • India, and Mexico has shown that genomic selection can reduce the breeding interval cycle to at least half conventional time and produces lines that, in hybrid combinations, sig- ni铿乧antly increase grain yield perfor- mance over that of commercial checks. Public and private investment in crop genomic

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