what is genomic selection in plant breeding

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Genomic Selection (GS) is a method in plant breeding topredict the genetic value of untested lines based on genome-wide marker data. The method has been widely explored with simulated data and also in real plant breeding programs. However,the optimal strategy and stage for implementation of GS in a plant-breeding program is still uncertain.

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  • What is genomic selection and genomic-enabled prediction?

  • Genomic selection (GS) facilitates the rapid selection of superior genotypes and accelerates the breeding cycle. In this review, we discuss the history, principles, and basisofGS andgenomic-enabledprediction (GP)aswellasthe genetics temperature. and statistical complexities of GP models, including genomic geno- type environment (G E) interactions.

  • What is the basis of genetic selection in plant breeding?

  • Hence, Genomic selection depends on the degree of genetic similarity between training population and breeding population within the Linkage disequilibrium between marker and trait loci. Breeding values have not been a preferred index in plant breeding, however it is in animal breeding.

  • What is the difference between estimated breeding value and genomic selection?

  • estimated breeding value (GEBV): breeding value of an individual calculated using genome- wide marker data to capture small genetic 1 effects dispersed over the genome. Genomic selection (GS): a type of breeding F1 – inducer methodology that selects the best candidates as parents for the next selection cycle based on their

  • How is genomic selection helpful for accelerate breeding cycles?

  • Moreover, Genomic selection helpful for accelerate breeding cycles in such a way that the rate of annual genetic gain per unit of time and cost can be decreased. Genomic selection has been well established in the field of animal breeding, but is in its beginning in crops plants and forest tree breeding.

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