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  • What is the difference between natural and selective breeding?

  • Natural breeding refers to the random mating that occurs between two individuals of the same species. Conversely, selective breeding has been performed for centuries by humans hoping to produce offspring with desirable traits. Farmers have selectively bred their livestock in the hopes of producing healthier, larger specimens.

  • Is artificial insemination better than natural breeding?

  • The choice between artificial insemination (AI) and natural breeding is still a question of debate due to both methods鈥?varying highs and lows. Even though artificial insemination seems to be more modern and efficient, certain factors make the producers prefer natural breeding in some instances.

  • What is induced breeding?

  • In induced breeding, the potential breeders, i.e., sexually mature male and female are made or induced to spawn in confined water at desired time, of course with certain limitations, by injecting them with pituitary gland extract. a. Spawning more than once a year.

  • What factors required for breeding are beyond human control?

  • Factors required for breeding are beyond human control. b. Spawns are not of good quality and often mixed with those of unwanted fishes, particularly predators. c. High mortality in transit from collection point to culture pond. Present (Jay wide spread hypophysation or induced breeding is the result of contributions of a number of workers.

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