what questions should i ask a dog breeder

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Expect your dog breeder to ask questions like:Do you have a fenced-in yard?Do you have time to adequately exercise your dog?Are you willing to brush your dog three times a week?Are you home a lot or are you gone 20 hours a day?Will you take puppy socialization classes?

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  • What to ask a dog breeder before buying a dog?

  • After all, they should be knowledgeable of their dog鈥檚 genetic diseases, weaknesses, and strengths. A great question you can ask related to a breeder鈥檚 experience is the cost of the puppies. If their dogs have 鈥渟how鈥?potential, they will likely charge more for a puppy.

  • Why is it important to ask a dog breeder questions?

  • By asking and answering questions, you should be able to get a good feel as to whether you can trust the breeder and would like to purchase one of her puppies. Remember, there are different types of dog breeders, and it is likely that a reputable breeder will be the one asking the most questions.

  • How do you know if a breeder is responsible?

  • A responsible breeder will give you an overall good feeling. You can ask him even more questions if you like, there is not such a thing as too many questions when it comes to your future puppies well being. I don鈥檛 want you to forget any of these questions, so I have prepared a downloadable checklist for you:

  • Do Breeders know the right puppy for You?

  • Rather, most conscientious breeders know their puppies well and can guide you towards a puppy that can best meet your needs and living situation. Some of the questions breeders ask you help determine whether they even have the right puppy for you.

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