what questions to ask breeder about puppy

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The most important thing to ask a breeder (whether you are buying a puppy online or in-person) iswhether the parents were tested for genetic diseases and what those tests revealed. A reputable breeder will be happy to provide this information and should have been clear about any issues before breeding their dogs in the first place.

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  • What questions should I ask a dog breeder before buying?

  • Ask if the breeder has information about the breed line. For example, ask how long most dogs in the breed line have lived and what they typically die from. Be sure to write this information down, since it may be important for monitoring your pet鈥檚 health as they get older. 18.

  • What do you need to know when buying a puppy?

  • Usually, a good breeder would give a health guarantee and many breeders also offer a full refund if the puppy has any genetic diseases. 9: What vaccines and how many shots have the puppy received and when is the next puppy shot due? It鈥檚 important for your puppy鈥檚 health and vaccination ensures its health.

  • What experiences should the breeder provide the puppies before they go home?

  • Puppies should be given regular access to other people and adult dogs. What experiences does the breeder aim to provide to the puppies before they go to their new home? Before a puppy goes home with their new owner, they should have been exposed to a range of experiences and noises.

  • Can I see the puppies when I visit the breeder?

  • Ideally, your puppy should be vaccinated before they come to you, however some breeders may choose not to. If you are happy with all of the answers you have been given, then you can arrange to see the puppies. When you visit the breeder, try not to be too distracted by the cute puppies, and remember to ask the questions below.

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