what to feed budgies when breeding

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Feed your budgie grains. Many owners and breeders feed a mixture of soaked grains, which is called soft food, as an extra treat in the bird’s diet. You can add any grains you want, includingquinoa, brown rice, cracked wheat, or barley.

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  • How much should I Feed my budgies?

  • There are many different brands made especially for budgies, so it really is a matter of what you like best. Ideally, pellets should make up no more than 20% of your breeding pairs diet. Any seed needs to be fresh, clean, and have a variety in the mix. Ideally, dried seed should make up no more than 20% of your breeding pairs diet.

  • How to encourage budgies to breed?

  • All your hard work to encourage your budgies to breed should soon pay off. You should leave them for a week and on the 8th day introduce a breeding box to the cage and see the reaction of the hen, keep the entrance closed off to her for another day or so.

  • Can budgies eat sprouted grains?

  • A quick note on sprouted grains. In the wild budgies will breed after rainfall, this is because the dry arid environment they live in springs to life quickly after rain, providing them with plenty of food to feed their young. It is my opinion that introducing sprouted seeds mimics the diet a wild budgie would be getting directly after rain.

  • Do budgies need calcium supplements?

  • At the time of budgie mating, it is always good to provide calcium contained supplements as it is required for the female budgie to make all the eggs. If such supplements are not provided to the female budgies, then the calcium from its bones will be leeched as it is supplied to the eggs. This will affect its health and make her weak.

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