what two breeds make a boxer

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The Boxer was originally a cross between theEnglish Bulldog and the Bullenbeisser, a Mastiff-type dog working as a bear, deer and wild boar hunter for centuries. Today, the Bullenbeisser is an extinct breed, mainly because it has been crossbred too often for too long and diluted itself over generations.

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  • What kind of dog is a boxer?

  • The Boxer is a medium to large sized dog breed which originated in Germany during the 18th century. They were developed as a cross between a Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser dog breed. The latter was a Molosser-type dog which was used to hunt big game before being bred out into the current Boxer we know and love.

  • Are there different types of boxer mixes?

  • There are many different boxer mixes out there. They are a common parent of many cross bred pups, and many of them are by design. These types of dogs are intentional and referred to as 鈥渄esigner dogs.鈥?Boxers will also 鈥渁ccidentally鈥?mate with other parent purebreds, producing an unknown breed as an outcome.

  • When did the first boxer dog breed come out?

  • The Boxer was one of the earliest dog breeds to be recognized by the American Kennel Club 鈥?the first breed standard was registered in 1904. Nobody really knows why Boxer dogs are called Boxer dogs.

  • Should I get another dog for my Boxer dog?

  • 3) If your Boxer is having issues such as listening well, following commands, problems with housebreaking, etc., it is suggested to work on that before bringing another dog into the house. 4) When you have two Boxer dogs, one will be the ‘leader’ of the dogs; even if they appear to be best friends.

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