when is cattle breeding season

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(February through May)

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  • What is a 42-day breeding season for cattle?

  • A 42-day cattle breeding season ensures that only the most fertile and lowest-maintenance cows will rebreed and remain in your herd. A big part of cow fertility depends on giving your cows sufficient time after calving to recover and prepare for breeding.

  • What is the best time of year to breed dairy cows?

  • Since the gestation length in cows is about 285 days (approximately 9 1/2 months, a few days longer in larger and Bos indicus breeds and a few days shorter in smaller and dairy breeds), then the 鈥渋deal鈥?breeding season for spring-born calves is 9 1/2 months prior to that or beginning in April but for sure by May.

  • What time of year do cows calve?

  • As any cattleman knows, the time of year when cows calve directly affects many herd management practices: The start of calving is dictated by the start of breeding. Cows calving in the fall normally need more supplemental feed in the winter, unless cool season pastures are used, than do cows that calve in the spring.

  • Which breeding season has the highest fertility in beef cattle?

  • A 42-day breeding season favors the most efficient animals with the highest beef cattle fertility because all cows get a minimum of 2 estrus cycles to recover prior to the start of breeding season.

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