when is deer breeding season

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September to November

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  • When does deer mating season start&end?

  • Mating season for fallow deer lasts from September to November. Breeding typically occurs during October. Female fallow deer have a gestation period of seven and a half months. Fawning season for this species starts in late May, though fawns may be born through June.

  • Are deer seasonal breeders?

  • Most deer are seasonal breeders, which means they time their mating and birth cycles each year. The exception is some deer species which reside in the tropics, where daylight and temperature rarely change. For all other types of deer, everything about the mating season is timed to perfection.

  • What is the mating season for Bambi the deer?

  • After-all, Bambi is a whitetail deer in the classic Disney movie. Females are ready to mate in November, although the mating season including the rut is from October to December. Following a gestation period of 200 days, the doe will birth to between one and three fawns during April, May, or June of the following year.

  • When do deer have their babies?

  • Cervidae have relatively long gestation periods, so fawns will not be born until late in the spring the next year. Deer respond to changing seasons. While that means dates on a calendar for us, for deer it means understanding differences in daily temperatures and, more importantly, day length.

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