when is deer breeding season

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September to November

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  • What time of year do deer breed?

  • Deer Breeding. Deer have a fairly long mating season that covers from October through January. This period of time is called the rut.

  • What is the mating season for field deer in the US?

  • Fallow Deer are widespread throughout Asia minor, Europe, and the United States. Their mating season occurs from September to November. October is their most active breeding month. Males will mark off territory and fend off any other buck that enters the area.

  • How do deer mate and reproduce?

  • During mating season, males will compete for females and try to gather harems of up to 30 females for one male. The mating season for this species occurs from September through April, with a peak in breeding activity from December to January. They are the only deer species that are monestrous, meaning that females come into heat only once per year.

  • What is the gestation period of a red deer?

  • The gestation period of red deer is around 236 days. The female will generally give birth to between one and three fawns (sometimes called calves) later in the spring. Red deer males and females tend to live completely separately except during breeding season.

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