when is shark breeding season

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  • When do sharks have babies?

  • Adult sharks get together to mate at specific times of the year. For female tiger sharks, that time comes once every three years. In Hawaii, mating occurs in January. Sperm is stored until ovulation takes place from May to July. Pups are then born 15-16 months later, peaking in September and October of the following year.

  • Is it shark season in June?

  • Shark Season! This month, reel in one of these tackle-busting brutes. June 鈥檚 warmer waters have populated quickly with a diverse and bountiful population of sharks. These tackle-busting brutes offer great sport 鈥?and plenty of it. It鈥檚 shark season!

  • What is the reproduction cycle of a bull shark?

  • A bull shark’s reproductive cycle begins at the end of the summer months when male and females start mating in shallow and low salinity river mouths. The average female pregnancy cycle – gestation – runs for a time span of 10 to 12 months before she can bear the live young, and then typically producing a litter of three to ten pups.

  • How long do great white sharks reproduce?

  • Males are able to reach maturity at the age of 9 or 10, while females mature at ages 14-16. It is believed by scientists that these sharks can live up to 30 years. With that in mind, great white shark reproduction can only occur during a relatively short timeframe.

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