where is the breeder in pokemon sun

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Paniola Ranch

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  • Where can I find a Pokemon breeder?

  • Pokmon Breeders (written as PKMN Breeder in-game until Generation VI) first appeared as a Trainer class in Generation III, and they can often be found near Pokmon Day Cares. They raise a large number of varied Pokmon, generally maintaining a balanced team, although they are often weak compared to other Trainers in the area they reside in.

  • What Pokemon can you breed in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

  • Here’s the WIRED guide on how to breed Pokmon in Sun and Moon, get more starter Pokmon Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio, and why Ditto is so important.

  • Where is the Pokemon nursery in Pokemon Ultra Sun?

  • The Pokmon Nursery in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can be found in Paniola Town on Akala Island. Trainers can leave two Pokmon with the DayCare breeders and if you leave a female and male Pokmon, you may get an egg.

  • What does a Pokemon breeder do?

  • A Pokmon Breeder (Japanese: 銉濄偙銉兂銉栥儶銉笺儉銉?Pokmon Breeder) is primarily a Pokmon Trainer who raises and mates carefully selected Pokmon to reproduce specific improvements in future generations of Pokmon, such as moves, individual values, or Natures.

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