which cat breeds can be left alone

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American Shorthair

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  • Are there any short haired cats that dont mind being left alone?

  • These top 5 short haired cats aren鈥檛 clingy and don鈥檛 mind being left alone. 1. The Ocicat The beautifully spotted coat of the Ocicat is just one of its amazing qualities. This short haired cat is available in 12 colors and patterns and is an athletic, solid, and a well-muscled feline.

  • What are the best cats to leave home alone with?

  • Since Himalayan is related to Persians, they鈥檙e laid-back cats that don鈥檛 mind when you leave them alone while at work. As long as you make up for your absence with plenty of cuddles and tasty food, your Himalayan will be happy. Norwegian Forest cats are a sight to behold and admire thanks to their long, silky fur, plumed tail, and muscular bodies.

  • What breed of cat needs the least maintenance?

  • 10 Cat Breeds That Require Little to No Maintenance 1 Russian Blue 2 Maine Coon 3 Ocicat 4 Persian 5 British Shorthair 6 Norwegian Forest Cat 7 Exotic Shorthair 8 American Wirehair 9 Scottish Fold 10 American Shorthair

  • Do cats do better when left alone than dogs?

  • As such, cats do better when left alone than dogs. However, you can鈥檛 leave cats alone for too long because they鈥檒l get bored, anxious, and stressed.

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