which cat breeds can be left alone

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American Shorthair

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  • Do cats prefer to be left alone?

  • It鈥檚 not particularly social, it won鈥檛 follow you around when you are home, and it might not even interact with you for days at a time when you are home. This is simply a breed that prefers to be left alone. Big and beautiful, this is a cat that has plenty of affection for people, but it鈥檚 just as happy to be on its own.

  • What breed of dog can be left alone?

  • 12 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone 1 Yorkshire Terrier. 2 Shiba Inu. 3 The Great Pyrenees. 4 Chinese Shar-pei. 5 Chow-Chow. 6 Cairn Terrier. 7 Scottish Terrier. 8 Bassett Hounds. 9 Whippets. 10 Akitas. More items…

  • What breed of cat needs the least maintenance?

  • 10 Cat Breeds That Require Little to No Maintenance 1 Russian Blue 2 Maine Coon 3 Ocicat 4 Persian 5 British Shorthair 6 Norwegian Forest Cat 7 Exotic Shorthair 8 American Wirehair 9 Scottish Fold 10 American Shorthair

  • Do shorthair cats like to be alone?

  • Personality-wise, this shorthair cat does love its human companion, but isn鈥檛 so clingy that it cannot be left alone. In fact, this breed will seek out a quiet secluded spot to rest in. 4.

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