which chicken breeds lay colored eggs

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  • What color eggs do chickens lay?

  • A chicken will lay only one color of eggs. Some breeds, like Easter Eggers, will have hens who lay different colored eggs, but each individual hen will only lay a single egg color her whole life (so, one hen will lay blue eggs, another will lay green eggs, etc). What Chicken Lays Purple Eggs? No chickens lay colored eggs that are a true purple.

  • What breed of chicken lays green eggs?

  • Which chickens lay green eggs? Meet the olive egger. It’s not an accepted breed, but a cross between a dark brown egg layer, like the Marans or Welsummer, with a blue layer like the cream crested Legbar. The eggy result, if you’re lucky, will be dark green, the colour of olives.

  • What chicken breeds lay chocolate brown eggs?

  • What chicken breeds lay chocolate brown eggs? If you’re looking for brown eggs which look more like chocolate than cream, there are two particular chicken breeds I’d suggest: the Black Copper Marans and the Welsummer. Two of my chocolate brown egg layers.

  • Are all chicken eggs the same color?

  • Within a breed, egg color will, for the most part, be the same. The exception to this is in hybrid breeds or those such as Easter Eggers, where individual hens in a flock can each lay different colored eggs.

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