why are mixed breeds healthier

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Greater genetic diversity

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  • Are mixed breed dogs healthier than purebred dogs?

  • Although every dog鈥檚 health is unique to themselves, over the years, many people have discovered that mixed breed dogs are often healthier than purebred dogs. Because purebred dogs have a limited gene pool, genetic disorders that arise continue from generation to generation.

  • Why do we breed purebred dogs?

  • The most fundamental reason for breeding purebred dogs is to produce puppies that are consistent in terms of appearance, temperament, and ability. Breeding dogs that are similar to one another helps to 鈥榝ix鈥?the great qualities that we admire in our pedigree breeds. Unfortunately it also causes a great many problems

  • Are mixed breed dogs good for first-time dog parents?

  • When it comes to mixed breed dogs, each one is unique (both in personality and appearance). Although some dogs do require certain diets or medicines, or exercise routines tailored to them specifically, most mixed dogs are easy to care for and train鈥攖herefore making them a great choice for first-time dog parents.

  • Are genetic disorders more common in mixed-breed dogs?

  • 鈥淭o sum it up, there are genetic disorders that are seen at a higher frequency in purebred dogs, but for the most common genetic diseases seen in vet practice, they tend to be diagnosed equally in both mixed-breed and purebred dogs,鈥?Dr Howard explains.

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