why did seaworld stop breeding orcas

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Continued criticism from animal rights activists

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  • Why are Orcas still trapped at SeaWorld?

  • In 2015, following declining attendance, SeaWorld announced it would end its orca breeding program and phase out all live performances using these highly intelligent and emotional marine mammals. But orcas are still trapped at the amusement park.

  • Why did SeaWorld get rid of Tilikum?

  • The entertainment company has yielded to intense pressure from animal activists. As Tilikum lies dying in a tank in Orlando, SeaWorld made a major announcement Thursday: After several years of pressure from activists and the public, the company will end its orca breeding and theatrical shows programs.

  • Should SeaWorld open its tanks and release its animals?

  • SeaWorld must open its tanks and release the long-suffering animals into seaside sanctuaries鈥攚here they would live in large areas of the ocean while benefiting from human care for as long as they might need鈥攕o that they can have a life outside prison tanks.

  • What’s happened to SeaWorld’s Shamu since Blackfish?

  • Public scrutiny of SeaWorld’s so-called Shamu shows has risen in the three years since the critical documentary Blackfish was released, building on the outrage over Tilikum’s killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau in February 2010.

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