why do i have a breeding kink

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In breeding kink, the contention is thatyou desire pregnancy or to be utilized as a tool for reproductionbecause society has taught you to want that. Women are permitted to be sexual in order to satisfy the men and any real departure from that is labeled as an outlier, slutty, queer, or marginalized.

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  • What is a breeding kink?

  • A breeding kink is generally defined as being aroused by the act of ejaculating inside of women with the intentional risk of pregnancy. For women, it is being aroused by the risk of becoming pregnant. The state of pregnancy is not the fetish here, that is a different brand of kink entirely.

  • What is a kink test?

  • Kink play is at the heart of communication and consent. Players may at any time stop a scenario, whether or not they wish to. Instead, certain players can choose a safeguard. Also, you must try to play this Kink test. A safeword is a message that players agree to halt a scene immediately.

  • Do you have a pregnancy kink?

  • Yes, pregnancy can be the result of sex, but it can also turn people on. Pregnancy kinks include a desire to get someone pregnant (sometimes known as a breeding fetish) and an attraction to pregnant people. The former is one with an element of riskiness.

  • Is breeding fetish more than role play?

  • When it is more than role-play, however, breeding fetish comes with significant risks. Most people engaging in breeding fetish are excited by the idea of pregnancy, but not what comes after.

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