why is selective breeding useful to farmers

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Selective breeding of crops has been a tool of agriculture for thousands of years. Simply trying to breed plants to combine desired traits was and still is an important part ofbringing about crops that yield more, stand better, or resist pests and disease more effectively. We farm many types of soils on our farm.

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  • How is selective breeding used in agriculture?

  • Selective breeding, also known as artificial selection, is a process used by humans to develop new organisms with desirable characteristics. Selective breeding can be used to produce tastier fruits and vegetables, crops with greater resistance to pests, and larger animals that can be used for meat.

  • What are the disadvantages of selective breeding in horses?

  • The disadvantage of selective breeding is that it can take a long time for the process to work. In horse breeding, for example, the given standard to establish a new breed is to have offspring with the desired traits to be produced over the course of 7 generations.

  • What are the advantages of selective breeding over GMOs?

  • 4. Selective breeding can replicate what GMO work provides. Selective breeding can produce plants that have a better resistance to pests or disease. Crops can be selectively bred to bring a yield to harvest in a faster time.

  • When should you start selective breeding?

  • As long as you are working in the agricultural sector, you can start the selective breeding method anytime you want. The method is designed as a natural way for farmers to reap more profits yearly and breed-specific traits into plants and animals. This makes them be more productive generation after generation.

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