why is selective breeding useful to farmers

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In selective breeding, a breeder chooses two parents. Distorting animals for specific physical features also causes severe health problems. Many farmers and breeders use selective breeding becausethey need as good a young as they can get.

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  • What are the advantages of selective breeding?

  • Selective breeding can produce plants that have a better resistance to pests or disease. Crops can be selectively bred to bring a yield to harvest in a faster time. Animals can be selectively bred to take less development time before they enter the human food chain.

  • How can animals be selectively bred to produce more meat?

  • What they produce can be altered so that fruits are seedless, vegetables taste better, or corn cobs can produce more corn per ear to increase yields. Animals can be selectively bred to be heavier to produce more meat, have physical characteristics which allow them to meet specific needs, or have a specific appearance. 3.

  • What is the process of selective breeding in humans?

  • The process of selective breeding becomes about humans only. Plants and animals that go through the selective breeding process may develop bodies or structures that cannot support the desired traits. Genetic conditions may develop that further reduce the potential of the plant or animal.

  • What is the importance of plant breeding?

  • Simply trying to breed plants to combine desired traits was and still is an important part of bringing about crops that yield more, stand better, or resist pests and disease more effectively. We farm many types of soils on our farm.

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